Biomass Fuel

Biomass is an important form of alternative energy. Biomass fuel is renewable, carbon-neutral, plentiful, and contains a tremendous amount of fuel energy.

Texas is the Saudi Arabia of biomass fuel with the world’s most abundant supply of high Btu, low moisture content biomass fuels: mesquite and cedar (ashe juniper). These invasive species cause extensive environmental and economic damage with significant loss of wildlife habitat and water loss to underground aquifers. These trees are on private land and do not require federal or state permits to harvest. The primary sources of mesquite and cedar are also close to the deep water Port of Corpus Christi.

At Geosource, our focus is on harvesting standing mesquite and cedar for biomass fuel. Our low impact harvesting and vegetation management system revolves around the John Deere 1490D Energy Harvester and a unique felling grapple head mounted on a John Deere 200D excavator.

Geosource owns and operates the JD 1490D. This is the only machine of its’ type currently operating in the U.S.

Our biomass harvesting process produces a product that is 100% pure wood fiber without rocks, dirt, or other contaminants.

Industries that use or export biomass require a consistent and dependable supplier — Geosource is both. For mesquite or cedar biomass, call us today.

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