Land Clearing

Geosource contracts for large-scale vegetation management of ashe juniper (cedar) and mesquite trees.  These trees are harvested for their value as biomass fuel or landscape products.

Conventional land clearing carries considerable damage to the land and risk to the land owner.

  • Burning piles is a calculated risk that is potentially catastrophic, economically and environmentally.
  • Burn scars take years to heal, and severely damages surrounding trees.
  • Dust and smoke from  clearing, grinding and/or burning can be finable offences, particularly in urban environments.
  • Dozed land destroys native grasses, and churns up rocks.

Geosource practices conservation vegetation management using the most low-impact methods possible.  Risk to the landowner is minimized, and the land is disturbed as little as possible.

  • Trees are cut at ground level with a “feller buncher” or shears. Felled trees are then bundled using the John Deere 1490D Energy Harvester.
  • Bundles are then loaded and transported for further processing.
  • There is minimal disturbance or soil or native grasses.

Additional services are available in conjunction with land clearing: root grubbing, root ball stacking, rock picking, and vegetative restoration.

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