Land Re-Vegetation & Restoration Services

Restoring vegetation to areas disturbed by construction is a requirement for most projects. But – growing grass isn’t always so easy. It takes more than planting seed. Factors beyond project control affect re-vegetation: extreme heat or cold, poor soil fertility, too much or too little water, planting the wrong seeds at the wrong time in the wrong place, – it’s a long list. Using the right equipment in the right way we know how to properly cultivate seedbeds, plant and protect seeds, and monitor growth from germination to full plant establishment.

Compost Manufactured Topsoil (CMT)

Many soils disturbed by construction activities do not have sufficient fertility to nurture strong stands of grass. Importing topsoil can help, but the fact is that most “topsoils” are not true topsoils; they are pit dug subsoils with little or no natural fertility (i.e. organic matter).

Incorporating compost into any soil builds fertility. Compost adds the organic matter necessary for soil life, adds nutrients, and buffers high and low pH soils.

Success in growing grass with compost amended soil has led the Texas Department of Transportation, (TxDOT) the U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers (USACE), and other state, federal, county, and municipal to require compost as an important part of their re-vegetation programs.

Compost Manufactured Topsoil (CMT) is accomplished in two ways:

—  Blend-On-Site (BOS)

We furnish, place and incorporate approximately 25% compost into approved existing topsoil for the specified depth of the seedbed.

—  Pre-Blended (PB)

We furnish and place a pre-blended mix of compost and topsoil to the specified depth.

Seeding and Planting Services

  • Drill Seeding Drill seeders are designed to specifically plant grass seeds. They accurately meter and cultipack various seed sizes in one pass.
  • Hydro-mulch Seeding Hydromulch seeding mixes water, seed, fibers, tackifiers, and fertilizers (if specified) into a “mulch” that is sprayed onto the seedbed. This seeding method helps protect the seed from washing and bird depredation. Hydromulch seeding is an excellent solution for seeding areas for slopes, channels, or other terrain that cannot be drill seeded.
  • Broadcast Seeding Broadcast seeding is a simple but effective way to plant many seeds. However, application rates and coverage are difficult to monitor. Broadcast seeding only works with same size seeds; multiple seeds require multiple passes.
  • Grass Turf Sodding Sodding is simply the fastest way to establish turf.Our minimum size for sodding services is 50,000 square feet.
  • Grass Sprigging Sprigging is also a fast way to establish turf over large areas. Seedbed preparation for sprigging is essential. Sprigging requires irrigation with a lot of water. Irrigation systems must be in place prior to sprigging.The minimum size for sprigging services is 10 acres.


Soil Retention Blanket

Soil retention blankets protect the seedbed from erosion and birds. SRBs can be rolled blankets or hydraulically applied products like Flexterra




Hay Mulching

Hay mulching is an inexpensive way to put a protective cover over large areas of land. Hay mulching conserves moisture, shades tiny grasses, and provides a conduit for soil moisture penetration.

Hay or straw is chopped and blown over prepared seeded or sprigged soil. The hay is then crimped to the ground, or held in place with hydraulic tackifiers.

Rock Picking

Rock picking is available for large acreage or pastures only. Many project specifications have size limits on rocks left in the seedbed. We can remove rocks from 2-1/2” minus to 1”.

Vegetative Watering

Water the grass.  Sounds simple, but it’s not.  Water is the most critical element in growing grass. All the work done to prepare a seedbed and plant the seed can instantly be undone by an untrained water truck drivers. Seedlings are often blasted out of the soil, while some areas get drenched and others die of thirst. Successful re-vegetation depends on a proper watering program, and we know how to water.

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