Landscape Products Manufacturing / Brush Recycling

Geosource is one of the biggest compost and mulch manufacturers in the region. Our Bergheim facility converts trees, brush, yard wast and animal manures into high quality compost, mulches and garden soils.

Note: All of our products are organic.


“Super Fine” Compost
Compost, or well-rotted organic material, is the building block of soil fertility. Use compost for everything in the landscape: soil-amendment, lawn dressing, or mulch.

Black Composted Mulch
This is a rich, black mulch that highlights colors in the landscape while feeding the soil and conserving moisture. A true compost that breaks down quicker than our cedar or native mulches.

Garden Soil
A blend of “Super Fine” Compost, topsoil and orange Poteet sand. This is a very rich soil, high in organic matter and nutrients. Perfect for any garden or landscape use.

Sand/Compost (Lawn Dressing)
“Super Fine” Compost with Poteet sand as a carrier for easier spreading. Lawns will have a “littered” look until mowing or watering move larger particles to soil level.

Cedar Mulch
Double ground pure cedar. Long lasting and reddish in color.

Native Mulch
Double ground native hardwoods. Brown to dark brown in color.

Brush Recycling

Geosource accepts clean brush at our recycling facility near Bergheim, Texas. This bonded facility is permitted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

*Note: We accept clean brush only. Please — no trash, rocks, or rootballs.

Tipping (recycling) fee: $20.00 per ton weighed by on-site certified scale.

Clean fill is also accepted at this facility: Fee $20.00 per any size truckload if we push, $10.00 per load if you push.


Delivery Services / Trucking


Note: Delivery or hauling services are available with product sales only.
Delivery rates vary – so call 830-336-2789 for pricing.

Please note that all of our delivery trucks are BIG, HEAVY, and TALL. Please make sure that your driveways or dump areas can handle the weight and dimensions of big trucks. We can not be responsible for damages to driveways or curbs. Drivers only dump as directed by customer.

  • Tandem-Axle Dump Truck

This is your standard dump truck. More easily manuevered in tight places.Dump area must be flat.
Capacity: 12 cubic yards soil mix. 15 cubic yards of mulch or compost.

  • 18-Wheeler with Live Bottom Trailer

This is a tractor trailer rig that pushes the load out of the back of the truck into a compact pile.
Capacity: 30 cubic yards of topsoil or soil mix. Up to 60 cubic yards of mulch or compost.

  • Multi-Cat Distributor Truck

If you want compost or soil mix spread or placed precisely where you want it – this is the machine. It’s a little more expensive to deliver with – but is guaranteed to save you a lot of time, not to mention labor.

This truck can throw compost or soil mix up to 65 feet in a 300 degree radius behind the truck. Material can also be thrown up and over fences or other barriers. We can top-dress lawns, fill beds, or precisely place compost or garden mix.

Multi-Cat Service Charges: $12.00 per cubic yard, plus standard delivery charges.

Capacity: 18 cubic yards of topsoil, soil mix, or compost. Not used for mulch deliveries.

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