Delivery Services and Trucking
  • Delivery Services/TruckingNote: Delivery or hauling services are available with product sales only.
    Also note that all of our  trucks are BIG, HEAVY, and TALL. Please make sure that your driveways or dump areas can handle the weight and dimensions of big trucks.  We cannot be responsible for damages to driveways or curbs.  Drivers dump only as directed.
  • Tandem-Axle Dump Truck
    This is your standard every day dump truck.  They can manuever better than any of the trucks below.

Capacity: 12 cubic yards of topsoil or soil mix. 15 cubic yards of mulch or compost.

    • 18-Wheeler with Live Bottom Trailer
      Capacity: 25 cubic yards of topsoil or soil mix. Up to 60 cubic yards of mulch or compost.
    • Multi-Cat
      Capacity: 18 cubic yards of topsoil, soil mix, or compost. Not used for mulch deliveries.
      Ideal for spreading compost over lawns or getting material in to hard to access areas.
      This truck is capable of throwing material up to 60 feet in a 300 degree radius behind the truck. It can also “shoot” over fences, trees, and other obstructions.
    • It is more expensive to deliver in this truck — but, it is guaranteed to save you an enourmous amount of time and labor.
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