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Commercial Brush Grinding and Land-Clearing Services
Includes land-clearing, tree and brush grinding, debris removal, preparation of right-of way, and hauling of mulched material.  Our grinding is done with a new horizontal grinder that is relatively quieter, safer, and generates less dust than conventional tub grinders.

Multi-Cat Spreader Trucks

The Multi-Cat is a tandem-axle truck based piece of equipment capable of spreading topsoil, compost or gravel. The key advantage to this machine is versatility to convey (or throw) materials over 75 feet in a 300 degree radius. The conveyor can also throw materials down or up over walls, fences, or other obstructions. This versatility is particularly useful in hard to reach areas or areas that will not allow conventional material moving equipment (i.e. sidewalks, driveways, walls, etc.)

Multi-Cat capacity is 18 cubic yards and is loaded with a front-end loader. Production capacity is governed by proximity of materials and the type of material to be conveyed. Important note: material must be “flowable” without large rocks, clods, or excessive moisture. Generally, the Multi-Cat can distribute 270-360 cubic yards per day. Site conditions must be near level for the machine to work properly.

Rock Picking

Rock picking is available for large acreage or pastures only. Many project specifications have size limits on rocks left in the seedbed. We can remove rocks from 2-1/2” minus to 1”.

Biomass Fuel – Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Current market conditions have largely suspended the economic use of biomass as a fuel. However, biomass will be an important part of renewable energy in the future. Texas is the Saudi Arabio of biomass with literally millions of acres of mesquite and cedar trees.  Geosource has developed the means to process,harvest and ship large quantities of biomass. If you have an interest in this field, please give us a call.

Compost Bioremediation

Composting is the art and science of working with nature’s decomposition tools. Compost is a product, whereas composting is a biochemical process that has a variety of applications for powerful remediation.

Our efforts focus on composting technology as the least expensive, most straightforward way to remediate soils contaminated with toxic organic and inorganic compounds, particularly hydrocarbons. Understanding complex composting ecosystems to remediate contaminated soils requires knowlege, expertise, and experience — and we have it. Composting has unique characteristics which make it particularly well suited to bioremediation. Simply stated, composting is the most intense form of bioremediation there is.

Geosource remediates soils on site for much less than conventional remediation methods. We do that by eliminating the biggest cost factor in most cleanups; transportation, disposal, and backfill.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
“Compost bioremediation has proven effective in degrading or altering many types of contaminants, such as chlorinated and nonchlorinated hydrocarbons, wood-preserving chemicals, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, and explosives. The composting process and use of mature compost also provide an inexpensive and technologically straightforward solution for managing and remediating soils contaminated with toxic organic and inorganic compounds. Composting provides cost savings of at least 50 percent over conventional soil remediation technologies. Composting cost-effectively remediates contaminated soils similar to those found at brownfields and Superfund sites, and takes far less time that other forms of bioremediation. “ from “An Analysis of Composting As An Environmental Remediation Technology” EPA 530-R-008

Geosource designs and implements complete compost bioremediation packages, from assessment through remediation, reclamation, and site closure. We can further assist in characterization, and disposal of oilfield waste, including crude oil contaminated soils.

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