“High quality work and dependability are crucial to our success. Geosource responds with the professionalism, personnel, and equipment necessary to get the job done.”

Randy Rogers
Williams Bros. Construction

“We work in a highly competitive highway construction industry where fast and dependable service is required from our sub- contractors. For many years, Geosource has provided us with excellent work under demanding circumstances.”

Ervin Wolfshohl
Hunter Industries

Re-vegetation Contracting Services

Geosource is a leader in land re-vegetation and reclamation. Project owners demand rapid and successful re-vegetation results in order to complete the job. We specialize growing grass in less than optimal conditions.  TxDOT, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and cities and counties depend on Geosource to get the job done.

For your next project, please email [email protected] or call (210) 413-3833 for a formal proposal.


Composting & Landscape Products

Making high quality compost and soil mixes requires the skill and experience to actually know what makes a good product.  We have more experience making compost and compost-amended products than any other manufacturer in the region – we have been at it a long time.  With our landscape products you have the confidence that you have bought the best.

Our Bergheim brush recycling and composting facility is one of the largest mulch and soil products manufacturers in the San Antonio area.  For great organic products call us at (830) 336-2789 or (830) 438-8522.


Special jobs require special people, equipment and skills. We perform a wide variety of contracting services.

From top left to right: Gabion channel at the George Bush Library, TxDOT project Houston, vegetative watering, San Antonio River slope stabilization, channel re-vegetation, CPS Energy grounds maintenance, Hurricane Katrina clean-up.

Delivery Services


Quick Contact

Corporate: (830) 438-8522
Bergheim Material Yard Dispatch
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